About US

COMBATIK“, the online martial arts shop for unique kickbox shorts, Muay Thai shorts and boxing pants. Our company is located in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the cradle of the Muay Thai martial arts. That is why we have settled here.

Our COMBATIK factory

It is a combination of experience that the Thai has in designing and manufacturing Muay Thai shorts. Thailand is also the only country where we can do this. Our studio consists of 25 professionals who have been working for our company for years. This way we are able to create the perfect pair of shorts for you our customer.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Our company philosophy is “Blood, Sweat and Tears“. This is how you have to approach your life to get the most out of it and this also applies to the way you train and how you work towards competitions.

We at COMBATIK are like this. We try to make all your wishes come true when it comes to expressing your own identity, so that the gym and the athletes don’t have to worry about their appearance during their challenge anywhere.

An own identity

Dress 2 impress the first step in creating an advantage over your opponent. This applies to many situations and that’s why an own design shorts is something special. At COMBATIK you can design your own martial arts shorts. With this unique service we provide gyms with their own design kickboxing shorts.

If you are a gym owner, there is nothing nicer than to offer your students their own kickboxing shorts in the gym’s own colors and logos. We even go a step further: when the design is clear we can deliver the martial arts shorts in different colors and even personalize it with the name of the student on it. We hope that this unique own design sportswear will give the extra push for your gym and the feeling of the students.