Who doesn't want this? Custom Muay Thai shorts

We can realize this, with US your designs are made "TRUE"

Custom Thai boxing shorts” is a nice idea for the gym both in appearance and financially. We at COMBATIK think along with you and no design is too crazy for us.

There is NO MINIMUM ORDER. At COMBATIK it is also possible to order 1 x custom made Muay Thai shorts with your own name, ideal for a fighting event or the perfect birthday gift.

We deliver top quality at a very good price

Welcome to COMBATIK, the Online fight-shop were your own design custom Muay Thai shorts come to life. We are based in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the birthplace of Muay Thai martial arts and therefore the main reason why we are based in Thailand.

Custom made Muay Thai shorts are nowhere better to be made than here in Thailand. Thai craftsmanship cannot be compared with other similar workshops around the world.

Our workshop consists of 25 professionals with an average of more than 12 years of experience. Producing custom made Thai boxing shorts is an art only to be done with professionals.

With this unique service we make it possible to provide individual customers or GYMs with their own custom Muay Thai shorts.

Now every student or pro can have a unique product, custom made Thai boxing shorts. For example, the design / logo of Muay Thai gym (font, text and logo), but this is not all.

We go one step further by giving the students the option to put their name and the color fabric as a choice. The size of course depends on the student.

Designing custom Muay Thai shorts Thailand is for everyone and it will give an extra boost to the appearance of the GYM and an extra boost of group unity for the students. One can monetize this idea as well so it can be extra income for your GYM. 

Our dimensions are Western, see size chart when ordering. It doesn’t matter how many you order, our design team is ready for you.

How can you order

  • Contact US

    Contact us by mail or phone

  • Your wishes

    Producing custom made Thai boxing shorts is our business. We are waiting for your call

  • Price

    The basic price can be found in this article. If you would like more options we will calculate a new price for you.

  • We design 4 U

    Tell us what you would like. Our design team will assist you.

  • Payment creditcard or Paypal

    Before we start production we request 100% downpayment of the order.

  • Production time

    After confirm the design the production of the personalised Muay Thai short will be about 4 weeks

  • Delivery

    Delivery time is about 1-2 weeks. Your custom Thai short will be send registered.

Design my own custom Muay Thai shorts

① Materials

There is a wide choice of fabrics and materials.

② Style

Different cuts are possible: retro, classic or something else.


You can choose any font that you want.

Own Name ④

Each Muay Thai shorts design can be given a unique name.

Embroidery ⑤

Embroidering of the club logo is one of the extras that we can offer.

Colour ⑥

You are not bound by the color of the fabric, each shorts can be different color.

The price of custom made Muay Thai shorts

Because we are based in Asia, custom made Muay Thai shorts can be even cheaper than a standard Muay Thai shorts from the internet.

Here you can see the table with the prices. It is also possible to order only 1 x custom Thai boxing shorts with your own name, colour and fonts.

A super nice idea for a martial arts tournament or a birthday present. All prices are incl. registers shipping costs.

If you have more specific questions about custom Muay Thai shorts thailand let us know no design is too crazy for us. Just click on the green button!

1 to 4
$ 119 per piece
  • Design cost are included
  • Unlimited designs
  • Unlimited fabric choice
  • Unlimited pads
  • 1 x embroidery included
  • Registered shipping included
5 to 20
$ 79 per piece
  • Design cost are included
  • Unlimited designs
  • Unlimited fabric choice
  • Unlimited pads
  • 1 x embroidery included
  • Registered shipping included
21 to 35
$ 59 per piece
  • Design cost are included
  • Unlimited designs
  • Unlimited fabric choice
  • Unlimited pads
  • 1 x embroidery included
  • Registered shipping included
$ 49 per piece
  • Design cost are included
  • Unlimited designs
  • Unlimited fabric choice
  • Unlimited pads
  • 1 x embroidery included
  • Registered shipping included

More than 1000 options are available for 1 design

Muay Thai shorts custom your own. We produce personalized Muay Thai shorts according to the wishes of the customer. No design is too crazy for us! If you have no idea what you want in terms of Muay Thai design, no panic, many customers preceded you and we have a great track record thanks to our design and production team.

That is where our strength lies and we are happy to work out the your ideas. Custom made Muay Thai shorts is really easy now.

When the design is ready on paper, we discuss the further personalization of the Muay Thai pants.

We can fine-tune the short for each student according to her or his wishes. This includes the option of the student’s name on the custom Muay Thai trunks and the fabric color.

In this way every custom Muay Thai shorts becomes a unique product.

Quality Control

Designing and making custom made Muay Thai shorts is an art in itself, but the result is more important.

Customer satisfaction goes together with the end result and this must be as we have discussed before.

Checking the Muay Thai shorts design before we send them is therefore super important. On our side, we cannot afford mistakes.

Our motto is: a satisfied customer is a customer for life.

Make your own Thai boxing shorts.

Which materials and fabrics can we use?

There are dozens of fabrics and materials that you can choose from. Our design team will help and advise you on the design. We will put a small selection of options on the site.

COMBATIK has years of knowledge and experience with custom Muay Thai shorts Thailand and we are happy to advise you.

Choose any Font

Make your own Thai boxing shorts is not an easy task. But no sweat, we are here to help. One of these design issues is the FONT as this is very important for the general look of the design your own Muay Thai  shorts.

There is no limit in choice of possible fonts to put on the Muay Thai shorts.

You can think of the text “Muay Thai” or the “name of the GYM“. It will of course have to fit in terms of the number of letters, but that goes without saying.

Pad or embroidery of the club logo

Often these pads and embroidery are essential for giving the personalized Muay Thai shorts its own identity.

This service is therefore included for every order.

We also have standard pads available for you. We are happy to send you a photo of what we currently have in house.

If you have any questions, please not hesitate to contact us



Project Coordinator

A few times a week I still go to the gym for a good workout and then nothing beats my own unique fighting pants. Contact us and we will also make an original fighting shorts for your or for the gym.

Satisfied Customers

Thank you for my fighting shorts. It was exactly as we discussed and on time.
Akram El Attabi
Pro-fighter, Trainer
Your design advice was really perfect. Everyone is super enthusiastic. Good service.
Jim Jonhson
Gladius Muaythai
Good communication, which resulted in a nice end products. Very satisfied!
Michael Glow
Knockout New York